Amazon Sapphire Pinktoe Tarantula

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Other common names: Amazon Sapphire Pink Toe

Scientific name: Avicularia diversipes

The basics:
The Amazon Sapphire Pinktoe Tarantula is an arboreal species which is native to extreme western Brazil.

Appearance / health:
5" DLS (diagonal leg span) as adults, on average. Adults are a dark blue with red and green accents on the tarsal segments or "toes". Spiderlings are multicolored, but are mostly a light blue with abdominal striping.

Behavior / temperament:
One of the more defensive species of Avicularia as adults. Known for being fast, skittish, and many will bite if they feel threatened. Not recommended for handling.

Arboreal housing (more height than floor space). Provide a large arboreal enclosure, with plenty of air flow and steady (but not swampy) humidity.

Invertebrates smaller than itself - crickets, roaches, mealworms.

Somewhat challenging, especially compared to others in the genus.

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