Yellow Fat Tailed Scorpion

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Other common names: Yellow Desert Scorpion; Blacktip Fat Tail

Scientific name: Androctonus australis

The basics:
Fat Tail Scorpions of the Androctonus group are found in the sandy, semi-arid and arid regions of the Middle East and Africa. They are terrestrial and usually found hiding under rocks, logs, and other items on the landscape.

Appearance / health:
The A. australis is a medium sized scorpion reaching about 3-4 inches as adults. Like most other Androctonus species, they can be identified by the black or dark brown patch by the stinger. This Fat Tail Scorpion is a yellow-tan like color with darker color pinchers.

Behavior / temperament:
The Yellow Fat Tail Scorpion is not a handle-able scorpion. This is one of the most common species in the pet trade, but are also common for causing death in inexperienced owners. Only advanced keepers should house this scorpion, and should only use tools and other items to transport it for tank maintenance.

An adult can live in a 2-5 gallon tank with no problems. Babies may live in smaller clear plastic containers such as clear jars with holes punched in the lid.

Temperatures need to be kept around 75-85F with humidity levels of 50%. Substrate should be a mix of potting soil, sand, vermiculite, or others. Keep the substrate 2-4 inches deep.

Adult scorpions should be fed crickets, cockroaches, or other pesticide free insects. Baby scorpions may be fed crushed crickets or other insects.

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