Striped Bark Scorpion

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Scientific name: Centruroides vittatus

The basics:
The Striped Bark Scorpion is commonly found throughout central USA and Mexico. This scorpion is most found in rocky areas where lots of crevices are available. They are also commonly found venturing into human establishments.

Appearance / health:
Much like the common name suggests, this scorpion has 2 thick stripes running from it’s head to the base of its tail. The body color is usually a yellowish brown color. Other color variations have been noted as well. The tip of the stinger is black. Full grown adult size is 2-3 inches.

Behavior / temperament:
This is a very nervous and skittish scorpion. Despite it’s nervous attitude, this is the most encountered scorpion in the USA, and is often found inside houses and other buildings. The venom of this species is not highly significant, but this scorpion, like all scorpions should be handled with care. Always get medical attention if stung.

Small communal groups may live together in a 5-10 gallon tank. Baby and young scorpions may live in clear plastic deli cups (alone) or other small plastic containers until they are large enough to be in the adult enclosure.
Temperature for this scorpion should stay between 80-85F with humidity levels of 50-60%. Substrate should be a peat/sand mix or a soil and sand mix. They do not burrow so substrate depth is not significant; 2-3 inches should be fine. Tank décor should be added on top of the substrate for suitable hiding areas. Bark, branches, wood, and other items may be used.

Adult scorpions will readily accept any large insects such as crickets, cockroaches, super worms and other large insects. Baby and younger scorpions should be offered pin head crickets, mini meal worms, and other insects that are appropriately sized.

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