Hottentotta hottentotta Scorpion

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Scientific name: Hottentotta hottentotta

The basics:
The Hottentotta hottentotta Scorpion can be found all over Africa in places such as Togo, Cameroon, Congo, Nigeria, etc. They use items on the landscape to hide in, as they are not a burrower.

Appearance / health:
The color is primarily a reddish brown color, but some have been known to be a yellowish brown color and even black. Size of this species is pretty small, reaching about 2-3 inches.

Behavior / temperament:
H. hottentotta scorpions are usually very aggressive. They do have a potent venom, but it’s not usually medically significant in a healthy adult. People who are commonly allergic to different things, elderly people, and young children are more at risk for damage or death by scorpions. Because of this, H. hottentotta scorpions are not usually for beginners.

Adults can live in anything the size of 2-5 gallons. Baby and younger scorpions may live in clear plastic containers or other small holding tanks until they are large enough for the permanent adult enclosure.

Temperature for this scorpion needs to stay around 80-85F with humidity levels around 65%. Substrate can be sand, soil, vermiculite, or as the best way; a mixture of these. It does not have to be deep, 2-3 inches will be fine. Provide tank décor such as cork bark, driftwood, rocks, and other landscape items to provide hiding spots. A wide shallow water dish may be provided. Mist the tank 1 time every other week.

Adults will readily take and large insects such as crickets, cockroaches, super worms, etc. Baby and younger scorpions will take pin head crickets, mini mealworms, and other small appropriately sized insects.

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