Flinders Ranges Scorpion

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Scientific name: Urodacus elongatus

The basics:
The Flinders Ranges Scorpion is native to the temperate climates of the Flinders Ranges area of South Australia. It is a solitary and territorial scorpion and is one of the largest scorpion species in Australia, with males reaching 120 mm. / 4.5 inches.

Urodacus elongatus prefers moist habitats, and creates burrows under rocks and logs. It emerges at night to prey on insects and small reptiles.

The Flinders Ranges Scorpion is best housed by itself, and will do well in a habitat that provides 2-5 gallons of floor space. It should be provided with a moist 3-5 inch deep sand substrate, and rocks or pipes where it can burrow.

Adults should be fed large crickets, cockroaches, super worms, and other large insects. Baby and younger scorpions should be offered pin head crickets, mini mealworms, and other small insects.

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