Banded Flat Rock Scorpion

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Other common names: Olive Keeled Flat Rock Scorpion

Scientific name: Hadogenes paucidens

The basics:
Like all Flat Rock Scorpions, the Banded Flat Rock Scorpion is found all over parts of Southern Africa. Like their common name suggests, they are commonly found in rock crevices and tight fitting spots in rocky areas.

Appearance / health:
The Banded Flat Rock Scorpion is distinguished by the olive color bands on it’s back. The rest of the body is primarily a dark brown to dark reddish brown color. They have long skinny tails with big, thick, powerful pinchers. This scorpion will reach up to 7-8 inches as adults.

Behavior / temperament:
Most of the Flat Rock Scorpions are used as beginner species since they do not resort to stinging with their tails. They tend to be pretty docile but have been known to be nervous and skittish. Since they barely use their tails in defense, they resort to using their powerful claws and can leave a painful pinch.

This scorpion should be housed alone. A single adult will live it’s entire adult life in a 5-10 gallon tank comfortably. Baby and younger scorpions should be housed in temporary plastic deli cups, small critter keepers and other small clear containers.
Temperatures should stay within the range of 75-85F with humidity levels between 70-75%. Substrate is best as a sand and potting soil mix or sand and vermiculite mix. Keep substrate about 2-3 inches deep. A shallow water dish should be provided; jar lids and bottle caps work well. Tank décor should be items that will allow this scorpion ample hiding spots. Slate tiles or rocks can be used, cork bark, branches, and other things may also be provided.

Adults should get large crickets, cockroaches, super worms, and other large insects. Baby and younger scorpions should be offered pin head crickets, mini mealworms, and other small insects.

When the male is introduced to the female, the male will quickly grab the her pinchers and begin shaking (known as “juddering”). They will go through a short shoving match and during this, the male will produce a spermatophore on the substrate and will begin positioning the female over it. When the female gets on top of the spermatophore, she will grab it up with her genital opening, then the couple will separate and make a quick retreat usually in opposite directions.


easier novice scorpion, bright yellow stripes, pleasing color pattern, display, stunning beginner pet


frequent handling

Banded Flat Rock Scorpion Health Tip

Banded Flat Rock Scorpion

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