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Other common names: Woodlouse; Pillbug; Pill Bug; SowBug; Sow Bug; Roly-poly; Armadillo bug

Scientific name: Armadillidiidae sp.

The basics:
Woodlice ("Woodlouse" singular) are tiny crustaceans which are common worldwide, and which number more than 3,000 species. Woodlice are nocturnal and feed on decaying leaves and vegetation.

Armadillidium vulgare is the most abundant species of Woodlice in Europe and has been introduced worldwide. As a defensive maneuver, it is able to roll up into a ball - which is why these Woodlice are commonly known as pill bugs or roly-poly bugs.

Woodlice can be kept in a large glass jar. As they need moisture, a few centemetres of moist (not wet) sand in the bottom of the container is essential. They will also need someplace to hide, such as a rough rock, twigs, bark or wood (not cedar) on top of the sand. Make sure the habitat is always humid, but be careful to avoid standing water and significant condensation.

Woodlice will survive on bits of bark and leaf litter.


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