Spiny Flower Mantis

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Other common names: Spiny Flower Orchid Mantis

Scientific name: Pseudocreobotra wahlbergi

The basics:
The Spiny Flower Mantis is a beautiful, small Flower Mantis (1.5 inches) that is native to Kenya. When an adult, the wings of this Mantis have a brightly colored, large spiral eye-spot marking, which is used to scare predators.

Appearance / health:
The Spiny Flower Mantis has a spiny appearance on the bottom of its abdomen, giving it its name. It is white and has a unique mark on its wings. It is common in captivity and is easy to rear. The female lays egg cases almost three times its size.

The Spiny Flower Mantis is prone to mold, and fungal infection, so a ventilated enclosure is essential. Ideal enclosures would be fully ventilated and three times the size of the mantis itself. Usually a pre-made or handmade 10 gallon fully ventilated enclosure works fine. Younger specimens may be kept in similar enclosures, just smaller.
Temperatures should be kept around 25-30C with humidity levels around 60-70%. Substrate is not important but may be potting soil, coco fiber, or any soil like substrate. Tank décor is the most important and should be a variety of twigs, branches, vines, and fake (or live) plants. They also need a fully horizontal branch with room underneath it so they can hang upside down during molting.

Adults should be offered variety especially before breeding time. Offer crickets, flies, moths, and other insects. Babies should be offered fruit flies, pin head crickets, and other small insects. If more than one are being housed together, always make sure food is abundant to prevent cannibalism.

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