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Other common names: Yellow Mealworm, Yellow Mealworm Beetle

Scientific name: Tenebrio molitor

The basics:
The Mealworm Beetle is a species of Darkling beetle (Tenebrionidae) which was originally native to Europe, but which is now common worldwide. The larval stage of the Mealworm Beetle is called the Mealworm, or Yellow Mealworm, and it is both a pest for stored grain products, and a popular, and nutrient-rich food for the global pet industry.

The female Mealworm Beetle lays up to 500 eggs, and 10-12 days after hatching, the egg hatches and produces larvae. Yellow Mealworm larvae can grow up to about 30 mms in length, and are popular food for captive reptiles, small mammals, fish and birds.

While mealworms they are most commonly bought in cartons, some animal owners raise their own mealworms. Raising mealworms saves money, and is considered quite easy when using a substrate of different grains.


tasty worms, larger mealworms, easiest feeder insect


terrible smelly homes, poop, excessive moisture buildup


friendly substrate, base grain layer, oat bran, veggie scraps, large tupperware box

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