Malaysian Walking Leaf

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Other common names: Leaf Walkingstick; Javanese Leaf Insect

Scientific name: Phyllium giganteum

The basics:
Phyllium giganteum are native to Asian rainforests and are the largest members of the Phylliidae family of leaf insects. Phylliidae are some of the most remarkable leaf mimics in the entire animal kingdom. Leaf insects use camouflage to take on the appearance of a leaf. They do this so accurately that predators often aren't able to distinguish them from real leaves. In some species the edge of the leaf insect's body even has the appearance of bite marks. To further confuse predators, when the leaf insect walks, it rocks back and forth, to mimic a real leaf being blown by the wind.

Appearance / health:
Females are brown or green and can grow to 5 inches (12 7/10cm) long and 3 inches (7 6/10cm) wide. Males are very rarely found in nature, and all captive cultures breed via parthenogenesis.

Malaysian Walking Leaf Health Tip

Malaysian Walking Leaf

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