House Cricket

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Scientific name: Acheta domesticus

The basics:
The House Cricket is the most common cricket species raised as live feed for pet reptiles such as lizards, spiders such as tarantulas, and amphibians. Acheta domesticus is native to tropical and subtropical areas of southwestern Asia, but has been introduced worldwide.

The House Cricket can be purchased in tubs from breeders or pet stores, or can be raised by pet owners. "Gut loading" the feeder crickets with nutritious foods and calcium supplements prior to feeding them to the pet is typically done. Interestingly, while the House Cricket is raised as a feeder insect in many areas, in China and Japan they are sometimes kept as pet themselves.

Appearance / health:
The House Cricket is a light yellowish-brown cricket, which ranges from 16 - 21 mm in length.


starter crickets, good enrichment food, great feeder insect, reptile food source


lid, Escapees cause, putrid stench, dead crickets, tNoisey Noisey


breeding box, jumpy little critter, vitamins, fairly tall containers, human consumption

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House Cricket

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House Cricket

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