Domino Roach

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Other common names: Desert Cockroach; Seven-spotted Cockroach; Indian Domino Cockroach

Scientific name: Therea petiveriana

The basics:
The Domino Roach is a crepuscular (active at twilight) Cockroach native to southern India. It is typically found on the ground in scrub forest habitats where they may burrow under leaf-litter or loose ground during the heat of the day.

Appearance / health:
The Domino Roach has a beautiful coloration of a black back with seven white spots. These markings mimic those of the Tortoise Beetle (Anthia sexguttata), which has strong defenses, including the ability to spray chemical irritants. Both sexes of Domino Roach have the same coloration, though females have less prominent antennae. Adult Domino Roach size is approximately 2-3cm..

Behavior / temperament:
Domino Roaches are hardy and docile and can easily be handled. They do not bite, do not fly, and do not move quickly. This makes them very good for beginners.

A 10-15 gallon tank / terrarium will house several Domino Roaches comfortably, but be sure to use a secure screen lid as adults can climb glass and fit through small holes.

Cockroaches are omnivorous which means they can eat virtually any type of food you want to give them. The best way to keep your pet healthy is to provide a wide and varied diet. Some options for food are cornflakes cereal, apples, peaches, bananas, lettuce, carrots, and high quality dog food may be offered as well. Try to vary the diet from week to week and change the ingredients. For best results you should put the food in a shallow dish and put it in a corner. They have a limited requirement for water as most of it will come from the food but you can add another smaller dish containing a wad of wet cotton wool or even buy the water gels that are available for crickets. This will prevent them from drowning and will provide water if needed.

Egg cases are not buried. Egg cases (oothecae) are often seen jutting from the abdomen of the females as they walk around the tank. These are shortly dropped in random places on top of the substrate.


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Domino Roach

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