Devil's Flower Mantis

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Other common names: Small Devil's Flower Mantis; Egyptian Flower Mantis; Thistle Mantis; Arab Mantis

Scientific name: Blepharopsis Mendica

The basics:
The Devil's Flower Mantis is a species of praying mantis found in North Africa and the Canary Islands.

Appearance / health:
As an adult Blepharopsis Mendica will molt into a beautiful lime green color, with white dotted wings.

A fully screened enclosure works best for all mantids as they are fully ventilated. Baby mantids may live in a temporary jar with many air holes punched in the lid and sides. They may be housed together, but enclosure space will need to grow according to how many are being housed. However, it’s best to house separately as cannibalism is very common.

Temperatures should stay around 24 - 30c with humidity levels of only 30-40%. Blepharopsis Mendica lives in dry, arid conditions, and does best in a habitat which mimics this. Substrate is best as potting soil or a mix of peat and potting soil; 1-2 inches deep. Tank décor is highly important and should be items such as vines, twigs, branches, and many other climb-able items. They also need a place for molting and this can be a branch laid horizontally at the top of the tank.

Adults should be offered variety especially before breeding time. Offer crickets, flies, moths, and other insects. Babies should be offered fruit flies, pin head crickets, and other small insects. If more than one are being housed together, always make sure food is abundant to prevent cannibalism.

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