Alabama Jumper Worm

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Other common names: Georgia Jumper Worm; Florida Jumper Worm

Scientific name: Amynthus gracilus

The basics:
The Alabama Jumper Worm (Amynthus gracilus) is an East Asian worm species which is easily cultured, making it well suited for use as bait. It is also used as a composting worm in tropical and subtropical locations. Earthworms can consume most kinds of organic matter and they can eat their own body weight per day. The excreta (castings) of the worms are rich in nitrate, available forms of P, K, Ca and Mg.

Appearance / health:
Amynthas gracilis is a large, soil-dwelling earthworm which grows to 4–6 inches long. It has pink to brown pigmentation and an iridescent, multi-colored sheen on its skin that is visible in bright light.

(Amynthus gracilus) tolerates handling well and is used in vermicomposting systems in Malaysia, the Philippines, and the United States. It has a wide temperature range, of 45 – 90°F, but prefers 70 – 80°F.

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