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Black Field Cricket

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Other common names: Black Cricket; Field Cricket; African Field Cricket; Two-Spotted Cricket; Mediterranean Field Cricket

Scientific name: Gryllus bimaculatus

The basics:
The Black Field Cricket is one of the most common cricket species raised as live feed for pet reptiles such as lizards, spiders such as tarantulas, and amphibians. Gryllus bimaculatus is native to tropical and subtropical areas of Africa, Asia and Europe.

The Black Field Cricket can be purchased in tubs from breeders or pet stores, or can be raised by pet owners. "Gut loading" the feeder crickets with nutritious foods and calcium supplements prior to feeding them to the pet is typically done.

large crickets,low cost

overall smell,raw overpowering,Cricket death rates,horrid

active cricket,bearded dragons,containers moist,egg cardboard,egg laying activity

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Breeders and sellers have to jump through hoops to get RightPet listings, literally, we make them do circus tricks. Unfortunately no one has met our high acrobatic standards for this animal yet, but hopefully they will soon!

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We've had no luck finding any of these frisky fellas so far, even though we've put up wanted posters and everything! But don't worry, we're working on it!

1lb Cricket Water Polymer Crystals Large 2-4mm Sized Crystals

Here are products that members feel are just right for your Black Field Cricket !

Non-Toxic - Will not harm your insects or the pets which eat the insects. Prevents drowning of feeder insects Prevents bacterial contamination of feeder insect water May fortified with calcium infused liquid to make calcium fortified water crystals. Made in USA


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