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The basics:
The Trakehner was developed in the early 1700’s in East Prussia at the main stud farm in Trakehnen, hence the name. In the beginning, the breed was a stocky, strong native animal and was developed further in the early 1800’s when Thoroughbred and Arabian blood was introduced to the breed. The goal was to breed a better endurance horse which would be a valued riding horse for leisure and sport activities, a working horse on East Prussian farms, and a noble warhorse.

All over the world today Trakehner horses continue to excel in most disciplines of equine competition, although since World War II, when they were driven from their East Prussian homeland, the primary breeding area has been West Germany. The breed was first introduced into North America in significant numbers only in the late 1950s, being imported first into Canada and then later into the United States.

Appearance / health:
16 hands

Today the Trakehner is characterized by great substance and bone, yet displays surprising refinement. It is a superb performance horse with natural elegance and balance. It excels in dressage because of its elegant way of moving - the light, springy, “floating trot,” and soft, balanced canter, made possible by a deep sloping shoulder and a correct, moderately long back and pasterns. With its characteristic, powerful hindquarters and strong joints and muscles, the breed also produces outstanding jumpers.

Behavior / temperament:
The Trakehner is keen, alert, intelligent and accepting.


powerful hindquarters, elegant way, balanced canter, trusting horse, outstanding jumpers, sweet mind

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