POA (Pony of the Americas)

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The basics:
The POA (Pony of the Americas) was developed in the 1950’s to provide a good-sized pony with a gentle disposition, handsome appearance, speed and stamina for young riders who were too big for a pony but not quite ready for a full sized horse.

According to the Pony of the Americas Club (POAC), "In 1954, Les Boomhower was a Shetland pony breeder and a lawyer with his own practice in Mason City, Iowa. A neighbor offered Les an Arabian/Appaloosa mare who had been bred to a Shetland stallion. She was due to foal that spring. Les waited until the foal was born before he bought the mare. The little colt born of this union was white with what looked like black paint smears all over his body."

Appearance / health:
The POA has a refined head similar to an Arabian with expressive eyes and fine ears. It has a substantial body with a broad chest, sloping shoulders, strong hind quarters and ample bone in the legs. Most POA's exhibit the striking coat pattern of an Appaloosa, which could include a blanket or loud leopard spots. Many also exhibit another Appaloosa trait, sclera of the eye, which is when the iris of the eye is encircled with white, similar to a human eye. POA’s also exhibit mottled skin and striped hooves.

Behavior / temperament:
The POA is rugged, athletic and tractable.


temperament, perfect size, extremely versatile pony, young children, quick learner


natural horsemanship, trail courses, late 20searly 30s, longer useful lifespan, barrel racing

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POA (Pony of the Americas)

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POA (Pony of the Americas)

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