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Tennessee Walking Horse

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Species group: Gaited horses

Other common names: Tennessee Walker

The basics:
The Tennessee Walking Horse is a gaited breed which is best known for its fast, four-beat "running walk". The breed was developed in the state of Tennessee in the early 1800's. Settlers to the area realized they needed a horse which could cover long distances at a quick, surefooted gait. To achieve this, they crossbred Standardbreds, Morgans, Thoroughbreds, American Saddle Horses, and two gaited breeds, Canadian and Narragansett Pacers.

In 1885, the stallion "Black Allan" became the foundation sire of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed. The first Tennessee Walking Horse breed registry was formed in 1935 in Lewisburg, Tenn.

Unfortunately, the history of the Tennessee Walking Horse is linked with the practice of "soring" - placing chemical irritants on the pastern of a horse’s foot in combination with "action devices" like chains, ankle rings, collars, rollers, and bracelets of wood or aluminum. Although soring has been illegal in the United States since the passage of the Horse Protection Act (HPA) in 1970, it is still believed to be widely used to produce the showy gaiting action of Tennessee Walking Horses for the showring.

Appearance / health:
15 hands

Tennessee Walkers are generally black, chestnut, bay and sorrel, but a variety of other colors also exist within the breed, including: palomino, roan, gray, buckskin, overo, sabino, tobiano, champagne and cremello.

Behavior / temperament:
The Tennessee Walking Horse typically has a calm and docile temperament.

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