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Quarab (American Quarter Horse x Arabian Cross)

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Species group:

Other common names: Arab / Quarter Horse

The basics:
A Quarab is a cross between an American Quarter Horse and an Arabian horse. Crosses of 1/8 to 7/8 percentage in favor of either breed type is allowed. This cross is an attempt to integrate the best traits of both breeds.

The Painted Quarab Index was added in 1991 to include the colorful tobiano and overo patterns of the American Paint Horse. Only horses with Quarter Horse, Arabian, and Paint blood are accepted and both parents of eligible horses must be registered with the respective registry for that breed.

The Quarab excels at many events, including: roping, reining, dressage, trail riding, jumping, driving and endurance riding.

Appearance / health:
14 hands

The Quarab's body type may resemble more the stock-horse type with muscular forearm and gaskin and well-rounded hip, or the Arabian type with long, well-arched neck, long barrel, and level croup. The head usually shows refinement, large eyes, wide forehead, and slight to extreme dish in the face, depending on the ratio of Arabian to Quarter Horse blood.


barrel racing, nice western pleasure, versatile, intelligent, trails, energetic personality


bit smaller headmuzzle, amazingly steadysmooth gate, ideal camping horse, endurance level

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(We've had no luck finding any of these frisky fellas so far, even though we've put up wanted posters and everything! But don't worry, we're working on it!)

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