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American Saddlebred

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Species group: Gaited horses

Other common names: American Saddler; ASB

The basics:
The origins of the American Saddlebred began in the 18th century, when American colonists crossed the Narragansett Pacer (an early gaited breed which is now extinct), with the Thoroughbred. In the 1800's, this new breed was known as the "Kentucky Saddler", and was used mainly on Southern plantations because of its comfortable, ground-covering gaits and sure-footed manner.

In the 1830's, Morgan and Thoroughbred blood was added, and the breed became known as the "American Saddlebred". The stallion Denmark, born in 1839, became the foundation sire, and 60% of today's Saddlebreds trace their lineage back to this one horse. The horse gained popularity in the 1840's, and in the American Civil War, General Robert E. Lee had a famous Saddlebred named Traveller.

In 1891, the American Saddlebred Horse Association was founded in Louisville, Kentucky. Originally known as the National Saddle Horse Breeders Association, the name was changed to American Saddle Horse Breeders Association in 1899 and to the American Saddlebred Horse Association in 1980.

The American Saddlebred excels in driving and farm work, saddle seat and fine harness competition; pleasure; driving; and hunter /jumper.

Appearance / health:
There is no true American Saddlebred physical "type". However, the breed is often characterized by a satin coat of brown, black, or chestnut, often with white face and leg markings.

Behavior / temperament:
The American Saddlebred is typically calm, friendly and willing.

easy-gaited riding horses,versatility,traditional western horsemanship,intelligent,animated

certain conformational issues

Dressage prospects class,Competitive Trail rides,best parade mount,distance endurance ride

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The Gaited Horse Bible: Buying, Training, and Riding Naturally Gaited Horses--Humane Techniques for the Conscientious Horseman

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