Spiny Cup Coral

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Species group:

Other common names: Alien cup, Lettuce coral, Hibiscus coral, Palm coral, Carnation coral, Cabbage coral

Scientific name: Pectinia sp.

The basics:
The Spiny Cup Coral is a unique-looking coral which is noted not so much for its colours but the amazing shapes it can form in. The shapes include cup shapes with sharp points on the edges, inspiring the common name, to maze-like or brain textured domes. They are relatively fragile and not recommended for beginners. Only experienced reef keepers boasting a mature aquarium should consider attempting to care for this species. Feeding of micro-plankton should be provided once per week in the evening, where a commercial coral or filter-feeder food is sufficient. Having a high waterflow is important not only to deliver food to these species but prevent the buildup of detritus or waste near the coral colony. Keeping clean water free of phosphates and nitrates, with high and stable pH and calcium levels is the key to successfully keeping SPS corals such as cluster coral. A steady alkalinity with a calcium level no lower than 400 ppm should be maintained and calcium, strontium, iodine and generalised trace elements should be seeded into the water as directed for continued health.

Green, tan, blue, red, purple, yellow

0-0 inches


Lighting: Moderate
Flow: Medium - High
Specific Gravity: 1.024 – 1.028
Calcium: 400 - 450 ppm

72.00-78.00 °F


8.000-12.000 mg/L

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