Ricordea Mushroom Coral

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Other common names: Flower Mushroom Coral

Scientific name: Ricordea sp.

The basics:
Ricordeas are one of the most sought after mushroom corals and usually command a higher price than their less vividly coloured relatives. They have multi-hued, raised bubbles over its surface and can be a little less hardy than the standard mushroom type corals. Low water flow allows full expansion of the cap but avoid very high lighting as it may fade the colours. Despite their impressive looks these corals are even suitable to beginner reef keepers. Leave plenty of space around the ricordea to grow as it may attack corals that it comes into contact with. Though they can reach a moderate size they are slow growers. These corals are photosynthetic and can survive without feeding, but occasional feedings with meaty foods like brine or mysid shrimp can encourage growth and a healthy coral. They have been propagated extensively and can be purchased as aquacultured specimens.

Green, yellow, orange, red, blue, purple, brown

0-0 inches


Lighting: Moderate - High
Flow: Low
Specific Gravity: 1.023 - 1.025
Calcium: 400 - 450 ppm
Feeding: None required

78.00-82.00 °F


8.000-12.000 mg/L

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