Pygmy Angelfish

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Other common names: Cherub Angel; Cherubfish; Yellow Face Pygmy; Purple Fireball

Scientific name: Centropyge argi

The basics:
The Pygmy Angelfish is a small member of the marine Angelfish family which lives in reefs in the western Atlantic and Caribbean at depths of 5 - 30 meters. The Cherubfish is relatively easy to feed and take care of. It does well in a reef environment because it doesn’t harass invertebrates. It is omnivorous and will appreciate live and frozen meaty foods as well as plenty of greens. As a grazer, it loves to feed to algae.

Known as the world’s smallest Angelfish with an adult size of only 3 inches, the Cherubfish has a deep blue-purple body with a yellow head and blue rings around the eyes. The yellow tint of the head varies according to its natural habitat. Like all Angelfishes, the Cherubfish has two opercular spines in its gill covers. It has a long-based dorsal fin and all of its fins are edged in bright blue.

1-3 inches

Cherub Angels are slightly aggressive to fellow species, but not nearly as aggressive as other Angelfish.

The Cherubfish, being rather small, can thrive in a 30-gallon tank. Several fishes can be kept in bigger tanks. Because their natural habitat is deep waters with plenty of rubble, the aquarium should provide the same conditions. An established reef tank with lots of rubble, nooks, crannies is essential for hiding and grazing.

75.00-79.00 °F


0.000-0.000 mg/L


great dwarf angel, entertaining fish, algae levels, brilliant sapphireblue body, community saltwater tank


minimum 30 gallon, corals, clam mantles


smaller aquariums., mysis, meaty items, marine flakes, numerous rock

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