Naso Tang

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Other common names: Lipstick Tang; Lipstick Blonde Naso; Orangespine Unicornfish

Scientific name: Naso lituratus

The basics:
The Naso Tang is a colorful member of the Acanthuridae family which inhabits coral reefs in parts of the Pacific Ocean, including Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Japan's Honshu Island, and east to Hawaii. Naso Tang live in small groups and are found in areas of rock and coral at depths of 5-30 meters. In marine aquariums, Naso Tangs are popular for their easy-going nature.

The Naso Tang is a colorful gray-bodied fish with a yellow dorsal fin. The black mask between the eyes and yellow above the eyes are characteristic of this Tang. The orange around the lips is probably the reason why they are also called Lipstick Tangs. The tail has a crescent-shaped border.

17-18 inches

They adjust well with other non-aggressive fish such as Angelfish, Damsels, Rabbitfish, and Wrasses. However, keeping two adult Nasos in the same tank must be avoided. Young Nasos generally stay together but an adult is usually solitary.

A large aquarium is suitable for the Naso because some varieties tend to grow to a large size, needing more swimming space. Hiding places are necessary. They are voracious eaters and thrive on algae. Extra light may be added to promote good algae growth.

75.00-79.00 °F


55.000-100.000 mg/L


amazing colors, big personality, reef safe tang, advanced fishkeepers


disease, sensitive tangs, aggressive, immune system fatigue, large tank, internal infections

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