Louti Cherry Grouper

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Other common names: Coronation Grouper; Red Louti Grouper; Cherry Grouper; Skunk Grouper; Yellow-Edged Lyretail Grouper

Scientific name: Variola louti

The basics:

The Louti Cherry Grouper has a peculiar coloration that is cherry red at the dorsal side and fades into a pale yellow underneath. It has a distinctive V-swept tail, which is another characteristic feature. Usually, some black patches can be seen which divide the dorsal and ventral halves. As it matures, the body takes on a deeper red or maroon color and becomes covered with multiple spots, and the tail takes on a lyre shape. As a juvenile, it is orange dorsally and yellowish-white ventrally. It has multiple spots at this stage.

30-36 inches

The Louti Cherry should only be kept with larger aggressive carnivores such as Triggers and Eels. This is an aggressive fish and requires moderate care.

This fish requires a 300-gallon or larger aquarium due to its size and eating habits. It will eat any fish that fits its mouth. In the wild, it feeds on crustaceans. If fed smaller live fish, it will prey with a sudden, unexpected burst of speed. It may also be offered frozen krill and other meaty prepared foods. An excellent filtration and biological system is required.

72.00-78.00 °F


50.000-150.000 mg/L


invertebrates, krill, squid

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