Longlure Frogfish

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Other common names: Flagpole Frogfish; Pescador Cana Larga; Pescador Cana Tenebroso

Scientific name: Antennarius multiocellatus

The basics:

The Longlure Frogfish is short and fat, rather spherical in appearance, and much like a sponge. Its skin is thick and scaly; these scales are modified and known as dermal spicules because of their prickly appearance resembling the warts of a toad. The frogfish has minute eyes, a comparatively large upturned mouth, and stalk-like pectoral fins which help it ‘walk.’ There are small gill openings behind these pectoral fins. The name "longlure" is derived from the elongated illicium (rod-like first spine of the dorsal fin), which acts as a fishing lure. The second and third dorsal spines are separate from the others and not visible. This species may be found in a number of base colors, with black spots scattered across the body no matter what the base color. At a certain phase of development, the body is completely black except for the ends of the paired fins, which are white, and a pale area that resembles a saddle on the back. Longlures range from pale yellow to bright red or dark green to reddish brown in body color. This fish generally conforms to the color of the dominant sponge in the area as camouflage.

4-5 inches

The Frogfish is usually solitary. Its method of luring and attracting prey is very interesting; it lies in a sponge and waits for a fish to pass by. It then wiggles the lure around in order to attract the prey. It is capable of swallowing a fish that is larger than itself; thus, crabs, snails, echinoderms make good tank mates.

Frogfish need a 20-40 gallon tank. They require hiding places among plants, rocks, corals, etc. Frogfish are bottom dwellers. Good filtration is essential because they produce a lot of waste. Water changes of 10-15% weekly or 20% twice a month is highly beneficial. This species is not suitable for beginners due to its extreme sensitivity and the high level of care required.

86.00-87.00 °F


30.000-150.000 mg/L


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