Long Nosed Hawkfish

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Other common names: Long Snout Hawkfish

Scientific name: Oxycirrhites Typus

The basics:
The Long Nose Hawkfish has a great personality and is very interesting to watch. They often rest in interesting positions on corals. From this position, they survey the territory for prey and then quickly lunge down in a manner similar to the hunting pattern of hawks.

The Long Nose Hawkfish, as is suggested by its name, has a very long snout. It is one of those Hawkfishes that have a tuft of cirri or hairlike growths near the tip of each dorsal fin spine.

4-5 inches

They are semi-aggressive, but larger Hawkfishes usually overpower them. Hawkfish fight with each other and so are kept one per tank. A Long Nose Hawkfish is especially not kept with another Long Nose Hawkfish unless a mated pair has been formed. Although they do not trouble most other species, they have large mouths and are not kept with fish that are small enough for them to swallow. Hawkfish are territorial and mixed only with similar sized species. They are best added to a tank after most or all of the other fish are introduced in order to prevent aggression. They are compatible with fishes like Foxface, Rabbitfish, Hogfish, Parrotfish, Pseudochromis, Squirrelfish, Puffers, Tangs, and Surgeons.

The Long Nose Hawkfish is hardy, resistant to disease, and lives in tropical marine waters usually below 30 meters in depth. Ideally, they are kept in larger, covered aquariums where they can rocket straight up but not jump out of the aquarium. They require a 100-gallon tank. In marine waters, they are often seen perched on red gorgonian sea fans or black coral. Likewise, the aquarium must have rocky structures (if live corals are not used) for perching and hiding in camouflage.

72.00-78.00 °F


101.900-110.000 mg/L


reef tanks, attractive gridlike pattern, community tanks, distinct long snout, red pattern


crustaceans, small fish, shrimps


blood worms, Live brine shrimp, recognizable saltwater fish

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