Golden Midas Blenny

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Other common names: Persian Blenny, Lyretail Blenny

Scientific name: Ecsenius midas

The basics:
The Midas Blenny makes a perfect pet especially for beginners; its undulating swimming motion appears comical and entertaining. These Blennies tend to nip at Firefish and Gobies and may even bite other Blennies. The Midas Blenny will flee into holes if it feels threatened, and will change colors when stressed or adversely affected by environmental factors.

The Midas Blenny is orange to yellowish orange with a concave tail. The body is deep golden yellow accentuated with a blue shadow under the chin.

3-4 inches

These fish are aggressive, especially if they are placed in a crowded tank. The level of aggression may decrease with a smaller size tank.This is a reef-safe Blenny and can coexist with invertebrates and corals.

The Midas Blenny requires a tank of at least 30 gallons. Ideally, the tank is decorated with rocks and crevices for perching and hiding. Some mixed rubble at the bottom of the tank addresses its digging instincts. This fish secretes a protective slime. Poor water conditions can lead to the fish's death. This species of Blenny is a strong jumper; therefore, the aquarium needs to be covered adequately. Midas Blennies are middle dwellers.

73.00-82.00 °F


71.000-180.000 mg/L

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