Domino Damselfish

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Other common names: Three-Spot Damselfish; Domino Damsel; Threespot Dascyllus; Three-spot Dascyllus; Three-spot Humbug

Scientific name: Dascyllus trimaculatus

The basics:
The Domino Damselfish is found in the Indo-Pacific Ocean from Australia and Micronesia, to eastern Africa and the Red Sea. They inhabit coral and rocky reefs at depths ranging from 1 - 55 meters. The Domino Damselfish is a commonly kept marine fish which can tolerate a wide range of water conditions, making it one of the best starter fishes for newly installed tanks. They sometimes swim with Anemonefish, and some juveniles even partner with their own anemone. Dascyllus trimaculatus are safe to keep in an invertebrate or reef tank. Dominos are omnivorous, appreciating finely chopped meaty foods like shrimp, fish, mussels, shellfish, as well as flakes and plenty of algae.

The Three-Spot or Domino Damselfish has a velvety black body with three white spots, one on each side close to the base of the middle of the dorsal fin, and the third on top of the head. The white markings fade with age until the fish becomes all black. Under stress, the bright bluish-black color becomes dull and grayish. A golden variety exists—the body is yellow and black with three white spots.

2-6 inches

However, while they are physically hardy, Domino Damsels are also very active and become aggressive to tankmates as they mature.

A 30-gallon reef tank with plenty of live rock and corals for hiding is comfortable enough for the relatively small Domino Damselfish.

75.00-79.00 °F



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