Dog-Faced Puffer

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Other common names: Black-Spotted Puffer; Blackspotted Puffer; Hush Puppy Puffer; Black Spot Puffer; Arothron Dogfaced Pufferfish

Scientific name: Arothron nigropunctatus

The basics:
The Dog-Faced Puffer is a member of the Pufferfish family (Tetraodontidae) and is found in shallow reefs throughout the Indo-Pacific. It lives at depths to 25 meters and feeds on corals, mollusks and algae. As an addition to a marine tank, the Dog-Faced Puffer is said to possess a large personality, and seems to recognize its caregivers and become visibly excited when given attention. It can be playful, sometimes squirting water from the surface at the owner while being fed. The Dog-Faced Puffer is also less active than other marine species. They are easy to feed and generally hardy, but they require special care and a special diet to stay healthy. Since the Dog-Faced Puffer is quick to accept food, supplemental feedings of hard-shelled foods can be provided to take care of the ever-growing teeth. Small pond snails and clamshells also allow the Puffer to grind its teeth.

Dog-Faced Puffers may also change into a darker color when they are upset or under stress. The Dog-Faced Puffer can come in a variety of colors like creamy white, grey, half-yellow, totally yellow, and black. Dog-Faced Puffers have black spots on their bodies and have relatively small fins. The faces of these fish seem to look like the faces of dogs, hence the name. With the Dog-Faced Puffer, the skin stretches to make the fish more than one and a half to two times bigger than its normal size.

13-16 inches

The Dog-Faced Puffer is generally peaceful but it should be kept with larger fish, as it will try to eat any fish small enough to fit into its mouth. It will also eat invertebrates and nip at corals.

A single Dog-Faced Puffer requires a 100-gallon aquarium. Water conditions should match marine salinity and be highly brackish. Dog-Faced Puffers easily handle fluctuations in salinity provided the transition is gradual. Puffers are messy eaters that produce a large amount of waste; therefore, the aquarium would require frequent water changes and good maintenance practices.

74.00-80.00 °F


50.000-120.000 mg/L


interesting fish, personalities traits, high personality, interactive, fish only aquarium


beginner saltwater owner, messy eaters, Semiaggressive nature, good nutrient export, water changes


fish look, aggressive tank, big substantial fish, beaklike teeth, earless face

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