Cup Coral

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Species group:

Other common names: Pagoda coral, Turban coral, Vase coral, Bowl coral, Scroll coral

Scientific name: Turbinaria sp.

The basics:
Suitable for beginners, it will grow depending on the conditions it is kept under. It may favour vertical expansion or horizontal growth depending on your light levels and flow. Beware of cup corals with very thin plates as they generally demand more fastidious care. Feeding should be carried out once per week and can be with food as large as a small mysis shrimp. Rotifers or filter-feeding food is also acceptable food. Direct feeding is not always necessary and a “snow storm” approach, if it does not pollute the tank, is favourable.

Turbanaria species of coral get their common name from the shape they form as they grow, being a cup or bowl shape. Yellow, green, grey, tan, cream, brown, purple

0-0 inches

It is peaceful with other corals but does need ample room to grow, as it is a fast grower.

Keeping clean water free of phosphates and nitrates, with high and stable pH and calcium levels is the key to successfully keeping SPS corals such as cluster coral. A steady alkalinity with a calcium level no lower than 400 ppm should be maintained and calcium, strontium, iodine and generalized trace elements should be seeded into the water as directed for continued health. Lighting: Moderate, Flow: Medium - High, Calcium: 400 - 450 ppm, Feeding: Weekly feeds

Specific Gravity:
1.024 – 1.028

72.00-78.00 °F


8.000-12.000 mg/L

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