Coral Beauty Angelfish

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Species group:

Other common names: Twospined Angelfish; Dusky Angelfish

Scientific name: Centropyge bispinosa

The basics:
The Coral Beauty Angelfish is a colorful dwarf marine Angelfish which is found amongst coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific. The Coral Beauty typically lives in harems of 3 - 7 individuals, and is a timid and secretive fish which feeds on algae. Coral Beauty's are highly prized additions to a marine tank.

The Coral Beauty's body is deep royal blue with iridescent orange and yellow highlights. It has a deep royal blue head, with dorsal, caudal and anal fins of matching color. The caudal fins are roundish, and the elongated dorsal fin runs along the top of the fish's body. The dorsal and anal fins are pronounced towards the rear of the fish. The fish's pinkish orange striped body makes a striking contrast with its fins.

Size: 3-4 inches

Centropyge bispinosa are territorial and will compete with smaller Angelfish and other tankmates if they do not have enough room. However, as they are small fish, they will be preyed on by larger and more aggressive fish.
When introducing them into a tank, low light helps them acclimatize.

The Coral Beauty Angelfish requires a tank that has a lot of live rock in it for grazing. The live rock will also give the fish places to hide and seek refuge from predators. The average tank size for these fish is 30 gallons. This fish is not suitable for a reef setup because of its tendency to nibble on corals and clams.

72.00-78.00 °F


57.140-85.710 mg/L


exceptional fish, bright colors, FOWLR tank, intermediate sw enthusiast, novice fishkeepers


protein skimmer


plenty hiding place, omnivore, live rock, fairly peaceful fish, crevices

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