Bluestripe Pipefish

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Other common names: Pacific Blue-Stripe Pipefish; African Bluestripe Pipefish

Scientific name: Doryrhamphus excisus

The basics:
The Bluestripe Pipefish is the smallest of the reef pipefishes available in the aquarium hobby. Pipefish are carnivores and should be fed vitamin enriched live brine shrimp, live or frozen mysid shrimp. feed several times a day. Pipefishes or pipe-fishes (Syngnathinae) are a subfamily of small fishes, which, together with the seahorses, form the family Syngnathidae.

Pipefish look like straight-bodied seahorses with tiny mouths. The name is derived from the peculiar form of their snout, which is like a long tube, ending in a narrow and small mouth which opens upwards and is toothless. The body and tail are long, thin, and snake-like. They have a highly modified skeleton formed into armored plating. This dermal skeleton has several longitudinal ridges, so that a vertical section through the body looks angular, not round or oval as in the majority of other fishes.

0-3 inches

Bluestripe Pipefish are extremely peaceful and should only be housed with seahorses, other pipefish, and non aggressive invertebrates. The Bluestripe Pipefish body is orange with a blue stripe which runs down both of their sides.

An aquarium with plenty of hiding spots and at least 30 gallons in size is recommended.They are best kept in mated pairs or harems of one male and multiple females in an aquarium that is 30 gallons or larger.

72.00-78.00 °F


0.000-0.000 mg/L


peaceful slow swimmers, good relationship


rocks, brine shrimp, sea horses

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