Blue-Striped Dottyback

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Other common names: Springeri Pseudochromis; Springer's Dottyback; Springer's Pseudochromis; Bluestriped Dottyback

Scientific name: Pseudochromis springeri

The basics:
The Blue-Striped Dottyback is a handsome member of the Dottyback family which is found in lagoons and reefs in the Indo-Pacific, at depths up to 60 meters. The Blue-Striped Dottyback is a popular aquarium fish because it is hardy, requires low maintenance, and adjusts well to captivity. It is beautiful to observe - very active, flitting from one hiding place to another. It is also bold and curious by nature. These fish are also admired for their ability to hunt and consume bristleworms, fireworms, and small mantis shrimp. They prefer to eat small ornamental shrimp. The Springeri Pseudochromis scavenges the aquarium for small copepods and other microcrustaceans.

The Blue-striped Dottyback has a black body, with a short blue line above and below the eye. It has deep blue outlines on the fins.

0-2 inches

It may be aggressive towards other fish of similar body shape and other Pseudochromis species. It acts semi-aggressively towards other reef fish. It is aggressive towards trespassers who may infringe on what it considers its space. Springeri Pseudochromis are not kept in groups.

The Springeri Pseudochromis can be housed in a 3-gallon tank with plenty of places to hide and swim, a well-sealed lid, and lots of rockwork and coral branches.

72.00-78.00 °F


55.000-150.000 mg/L


absolute stunner, small tanks, blue coloration, reef safe, reef environment


aggression, new tankmates, ammonia, small shrimp

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