Blue Spotted Puffer

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Other common names: Spotted Puffer; Fiji Puffer; Fiji Spotted Puffer; Fiji Sharpnose Puffer; Spotted Sharpnose; Bluespotted Toby; Ocellated Toby

Scientific name: Canthigaster solandri

The basics:
The Blue Spotted Puffer is a member of the Pufferfish family, and is found in reefs throughout the tropical Indian and Pacific oceans at depths of 10 - 36 meters. They feed on algae, corals and crustaceans, and are often found in pairs. Their teeth grow constantly and they have to be fed hard-shelled invertebrates to keep their teeth from becoming too large. These fish are capable of inflating themselves.

The Blue Spotted Puffer has a reddish brown body with blue spots and a bright orange tail. It lacks pelvic fins and uses pectoral fins for swimming. Their caudal fin remains curled even while swimming.

4-5 inches

Canthigaster solandri are generally compatible with other fish except for other Sharpnose Puffers.

The ideal tank for the Fiji Puffer is 50 gallons or larger. The tank has to be provided with plenty of plants for breeding, as well as caves and hiding places. Heavy duty filtration is a necessity. Good lighting accentuates its coloration.

75.00-80.00 °F


85.000-170.000 mg/L

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