Birdsnest Coral

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Species group:

Other common names:

Scientific name: Seriatopora sp.

The basics:
The Birdsnest Coral is an erratic branching coral which is not recommended for beginners. Aside from being a common form of SPS coral for the reef aquarium, birdsnest corals have the distinction of having a unique reproduction method. The coral asexually reproduces when the healthy polyps of a dying colony detach themselves from the skeleton and float away to form a new colony of their own. Feeding of micro-plankton should be provided once per week in the evening, where a commercial coral or filter-feeder food is sufficient.

Pink, red, green, brown, orange

0-0 inches


Due to the light and flow requirements this coral should be placed in the upper half of the aquarium. This is also beneficial in keeping it free from high algae growth areas and it will reward you with thick and needle-like growth similar to but distinct from acropora. Having a high water flow is important not only to deliver food to these species but prevent the buildup of algae that may overtake the colony and starve it of light. Keeping clean water free of phosphates and nitrates, with high and stable pH and calcium levels is the key to successfully keeping SPS corals such as cluster coral. A steady alkalinity with a calcium level no lower than 400 ppm should be maintained and calcium, strontium, iodine and generalized trace elements should be seeded into the water as directed for continued health.

75.00-82.00 °F


8.000-12.000 mg/L

Specific Gravity:
1.024 – 1.028


advanced aquarist, pink coloured specimen


perfect water quality, high light level, beginning aquarist, high water flow


trace elements, hard coral, Vitamins, amino formulas, oyster feast

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