Arc-eye Hawkfish

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Other common names: Arc Eye Hawkfish; Ringeye Hawkfish; Ring-eyed Hawkfish; Monocle Hawkfish

Scientific name: Paracirrhites arcatus

The basics:
The Arc-eye Hawkfish is found throughout the Indo-Pacific, where it resides on coral reefs at depths from 1 - 33 meters. A voracious predator, it feeds on small fish and crustaceans.The Arc Eye Hawkfish perches itself on a coral head at the bottom of the tank and surveys the territory for prey from this position. Once the prey is spotted, it quickly lunges down in a manner evocative of the hunting pattern of hawks. It hides in the corals and stones when it feels threatened.

The Arc-eye Hawkfish’s body has a reddish-tan color with a white horizontal bar on its side from mid-body to the tail. This fish gets its name from a U-shaped patch behind the eye, which is bordered by a bright orange ring, which in turn is outlined by a bluish border.

5-6 inches

Paracirrhites arcatus must be kept with fish that are bigger in size and can withstand bullying. It is very territorial and must be the last fish to be introduced in the tank; it may show aggression towards other Hawkfish and larger fish that are introduced after it. It is so aggressive that it eats anything that fits into its mouth and its mouth is much wider than it seems.

The Arc Eye Hawkfish requires a 30-gallon or larger tank with plenty of live rock, corals, and stones for perching, swimming, and hiding.

72.00-78.00 °F


55.000-102.250 mg/L

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