Zebra Danio

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Other common names: Zebrafish; Longfin Zebra Danio; Danio rerio

Scientific name: Danio rerio

The basics:
The Zebra Danio is native to the Ganges River basin in Eastern India. They are an active and peaceful schooling fish, and are very popular amongst freshwater aquarium enthusiasts. We have a separate page for the genetically modified (GM) fluorescent Zebra Danio called the GloFish.

Zebra Danios are hardy and a good starter fish for new tanks. They are fun to watch because they are always active and when they are fed they become a blur of fish as they get worked up into a frenzy over food. Being attractive, active, fun to watch, readily available and easy to care for, they are one of the best species for beginners.

Danios are easy to feed because they love food. They will accept flakes, pellets, and frozen brine shrimp or blood worms.

The Zebra Danio has a base color of cream with bluish horizontal stripes like a zebra. They are a small torpedo shaped fish with a lobed tail.

2 inches

Danios are peaceful and get along well in most community tanks. They are "frenzy" eaters and will scare shy fish away from the food. Good tank mates are Tetras, Dwarf Gouramis, and Cory cats.

Zebra Danios are tolerant of a wide range of tank parameters. They enjoy swimming around well-planted and decorated tanks, but do well even in newly established aquariums. Because they are hyperactive and tend to escape by jumping, aquariums must have a good-fitting cover. They need a minimum of a 10 gallon tank.

72 - 82 °F


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