Yellow-tail Acei

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Scientific name: Pseudotropheus acei

The basics:
The Yellow-tail Acei is a member of the Mbuna Cichlid family, and is found in shallow waters of Lake Malawi in eastern Africa. It prefers the sandy and rock filled shoreline and feeds on algae which grows on tree branches which have washed into the lake.

The Yellow-tail Acei has a blue body and a yellow tail.It grows to around 4 inches (10 cm) in length.

0-4 inches

Pseudotropheus acei is a popular aquarium fish, and is one of the least aggressive Cichlids.

These mbunas are omnivorous but prefer plants and algae in their diet. If they are to be fed staple, then any food made for African Cichlids will do. Most vegetable matter will work as well. These fish are possibly the most peaceful fish in the Mbuna family, and because of this it is not necessary a male-female ratio. Acei like most mbunas have a very long intestine so they can live of a few bites of algae a day. These fish are at high risk for Malawi bloat. Bloat is caused by a protozoan that multiplies when afish is under stress or consuming an improper diet. The protozoans multiply enough that they cause blockages in the intestines, so neither food nor gases can pass, casuing them to become bloated. The bloat eventually damages their liver, swim bladder, and kidneys so much that they die in 24-78 hours. Acei have bicuspid teeth like the rest of the pseudotropheus genus.Needs at a minimum a 40 gallon (150 liter) tank.

78.00-82.00 °F


0.000-0.000 mg/L

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