White Piranha

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Other common names: Red-Eye Piranha; Peruvian Black Piranha; Spotted Piranha; Caribe

Scientific name: Serrasalmus rhombeus

The basics:

White Piranhas change color with maturity. When young, they are primarily light silver in color with numerous dark spots throughout their body. As they grow, the black spots fade gradually, and the fins darken, almost to the point of being completely black. The eyes remain red throughout. The body shape also becomes incredibly blunt and stocky with age.

15-18 inches?

The White Piranha is famous for being aggressive and dangerous like any other Piranha. These fish may eat smaller fish in the aquarium and attack others irrespective of size, especially if injured or struggling in the water. They have powerful jaws and often cause serious injury. They sometimes resort to cannibalism. They generally take some time to adjust in new surroundings and it may take months before these fish start showing their aggressiveness. They often refuse food during this period or eat only when the lights are off. Breeding is extremely difficult.

The ideal tank for this species is 75 to 100 gallons. White Piranhas are usually kept solitary. The tank has to be provided with plenty of bogwood and plants and subdued light for hiding. Heavy duty filtration is a necessity.

73.00-79.00 °F


71.400-142.800 mg/L

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