Vampire Shrimp

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Other common names: Giant African Filter Shrimp; African Giant Shrimp; African Filter Shrimp; African Fan Shrimp; Blue Rhino Shrimp; Black Armoured Shrimp; Cameroun Fan Shrimp

Scientific name: Atya gabonensis

The basics:
The Vampire Shrimp is a large freshwater shrimp which is native to streams and rivers in the nation of Cameroon in West Africa. It emerges at night to feed on algae and organic detritus. It should not be housed with fish which feed on crustaceans. It needs lots of plants and hiding places to spend the day.

The Vampire Shrimp is typically a light blue-gray or light-brown color. Atya gabonensis can reach 6 inches (15 cm) in length.

0-6 inches

Is a shy filter feeder.

20 gallons. They are filter feeders which collect microorganisms resulting from the waste produced by other inhabitants of the aquarium, and as such they are absolutely harmless to all tropical fish, because they have fans in place of claws. Vampire Shrimp require a water current to filter feed, so they can only be recommended for tanks with aquarium filters in them. These shrimp usually climb objects to reach filter outlets, where they find the strongest water flow. When planning to keep bamboo shrimp, rocks and/or tall-growing plants should be positioned close to the tank's filter outlet to help them feed.

73.00-82.00 °F


5.000-18.000 mg/L


incredible blue color, excellent tank mates, Vegetarian vampire, favourite shrimp


little stabbers, filter feeders, flower pot, spirulina

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