Tropheus Moorii Chimba Red

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Other common names: Blunthead Cichlid, Tropheus Moorii Red Chimba

Scientific name: Tropheus moorii - Chimba

The basics:
Tropheus moorii are also called Blunthead Cichlids with more than 120 color varieties.

They are similar to other cichlids in appearance although with a rounder curved head (hence the common name Blunthead), which seems large for the body. The down-turned mouth is located low and almost aligned with the belly; the lips are thick; and the eyes are large and dominant. The Tropheus moorii Chimba Red is mostly red in color with darker shades close to the spine. The dorsal fin runs from the top of the head to the base of the tail and are also red with dark tips. The pelvic, anal, and tail fins are generally dark colored. Tail fins are fan-shaped.

0-5 inches

Tropheus Moorii Chimbas are usually kept in colonies of about a dozen individuals to appreciate their beauty. They may be aggressive towards each other but with a large tank and the presence of rock caves, they can establish territories and live harmoniously in a single-species habitat. They can co-exist with other herbivorous Lake Tanganyikan cichlids as they do in the wild if the tank is spacious enough.

Tropheus Moorii Chimbas are best kept as groups in large tanks of at least 90 gallons in size. The tank needs to have a sandy substrate and several stable rock piles for hiding and marking territory. Strong lighting is required for sufficient algal growth, which is the primary diet of these generally herbivorous cichlids. To simulate the Lake Tanganyika habitat of the Tropheus moorii Chimba, small water changes need to be regular.

75.00-80.00 °F


50.000-400.000 mg/L

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