Tancho Goldfish

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Other common names: Tancho single-tail Goldfish

Scientific name: Carassius auratus

The basics:
The Tancho Goldfish is a color variety of Comet Goldfish that is distinguished by its silver-white body and fins, and by a red patch on its head "poojabber" The Comet Goldfish was created from the Common Goldfish in the United States in the 1880's. Comet Goldfish are hardy and cold water tolerant and can be kept in aquariums or outdoor ponds. Like most goldfish, they do best in large, well planted tanks which provide room to grow and swim freely. Good filtration is necessary because goldfish produce a lot of waste.
Comets are active and hardy and well suited to outdoor ponds and pools. Like other Goldfish, they are constantly eating or foraging for food, and will quickly dislodge aquarium décor and uproot loosely anchored plants. Overfeeding voracious Comets is one of the causes of poor tank conditions and the fishes’ poor health.

What differentiates Comets from other Goldfishes is their elongated, deeply forked, single tailfin that can often be up to three-quarters the body length. Lobes are more pointed and streamlined than the common Goldfish. The scales of the Comet are highly reflective, looking somewhat metallic, and single colored, usually reddish orange.

6-14 inches


Comets, like most goldfish, are best kept in coldwater aquariums that are well planted and have ample swimming space. They can grow large; therefore, will require a large tank upon maturity. Good filtration is necessary because they produce a lot of waste and stir up the aquarium constantly.

65.00-72.00 °F


0.000-0.000 mg/L

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