Slender Mbuna Cichlid

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Other common names:

Scientific name: Pseudotropheus elongatus

The basics:

The Slender Mbuna is peculiar for its slender appearance from which it gets its name. The body is either black with dark blue bands or indigo blue with black bands. The number of bands tends to lessen with maturity. Fins are pointy in shape and are connected to the main surface of the Mbuna’s body. Plenty of blue and black color morphs are found in this species.

5-6 inches

The Slender Mbuna are extremely aggressive towards their own species as well as others. They harass other tank mates of the same coloration. A single male thrives well in tank conditions when placed with several females. Due to its aggressive nature, this species is not suitable for community tanks. They are never maintained with less-aggressive fish.

A small 15 gallon tank can provide a spacious habitat for the Slender Mbuna. Alkaline and hard water conditions are adequate. The Slender Mbuna is used to a rocky habitat which can be reproduced easily inside the aquarium. Lots of caves can be set up, too.

71.60-80.50 °F


120.000-250.000 mg/L

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