Silver Dollar

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Other common names: Silver Dollar Fish

Scientific name: Metynnis argenteus

The basics:
The Silver Dollar is a peaceful shoaling species which is found in densely vegetated streams in the Rio Tapajós River basin in Brazil. The tank has to be provided with plenty of driftwood, solid rock structures, and subdued light for hiding. Plastic plants are used as these fish tend to eat live plants.

Silver Dollars are shaped like a disk and appear compressed. The underside resembles the keel of a boat. The body color is silver with transparent fins. In light, slight green and blue tints can be seen on the body. The belly is slightly reddish; pectoral fins are red. The eyes are small and a line extends through the iris. In some habitats, variations with dots on the sides of the Silver Dollar have been noticed, especially in juveniles.

5-6 inches

Silver Dollars are not aggressive. They are a peaceful schooling fish. This species is suitable for community tanks and prefers to be kept in schools of six or more fish. They are quick fish and need their space. They are very hardy and adapt to varying water conditions. Breeding is quite difficult. They are egg scatterers.

At least a 20 gallon tank. Plenty of room is required in the aquarium for open swimming area. This species is a mid-tank dweller.

75.00-82.00 °F


105.000-270.000 mg/L

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