Schwartz's Cory Cat

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Other common names: Schwartz's Cory; Schwartz Cat, Schwartz’s Corydoras, Schwartzi’s Catfish

Scientific name: Corydoras schwartzi

The basics:
They are active during the day, feeding off the foods that have sunk to the bottom of the aquarium.

Schwartz’s Corydoras are small corydora catfish that is characterized by dark markings that originate from the front of the dorsal fin and split downwards across each eye to the front of the pectoral fins. The base body color is light gray to light brown. Tiny black spots are seen on the body forming parallel horizontal lines from behind the gills to the base of the tail fin. The spots on the tailfin form vertical lines. Fins are transparent.

0-3 inches

Like other Corydoras, the Schwartz’s Corys are peaceful and ideal for mixed community tanks. They are shoaling fish preferring to live in groups of five or more.

Schwartz’s Corydoras are best kept in groups of at least three (preferably five to seven), in a medium to large community aquarium. The ideal substrate is sand because they rummage through the substrate for food. Plants, décor, and pieces of slate provide security and protection. Corydoras are sensitive to water conditions; therefore regular water changes must be conducted to minimize nitrates.

72.00-80.00 °F


50.000-150.000 mg/L

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