Saulos Mbuna

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Scientific name: Pseudotropheus saulosi

The basics:

Saulos Mbuna have an elongated body form with a short head region. The mouth bears a pair of fleshy lips. Juvenile fish all have the same bright yellow color. However, as the fish mature, the males develop a blue-colored body with few black vertical bands and black fins. Yellow, Blue

0-4 inches

Saulos Mbuna can be kept in schools in a tank when they are juveniles. For adult fish, it is best to keep one dominant male with around three females. Dominant males are highly aggressive and territorial towards other adult males as well as juvenile males of the same species. These aggressive tendencies extend towards fish of other species as well. In a community tank, these fish should be kept with other similar-sized fish that are capable of defending themselves if harassed.

These fish require a tank with a minimum size of 48 inches. Substrate must maintain the required alkaline conditions, for example, coral-based sand. A cover of floating plants will ensure that the lighting in the tank remains dim. These fish occupy the middle and lower levels of the tank and require a lot of swimming area. Thus, the tank should not be too heavily planted. As with all Mbunas, the tank should have plenty of rocks for the fish to hide behind.

73.00-81.00 °F


50.000-214.000 mg/L

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