Sailfin Molly

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Other common names: Mexican Sailfin Molly; Midnight Molly; Balloon Sailfin Molly

Scientific name: Poecilia latipinna

The basics:
The Sailfin Molly is a livebearer fish which is found in fresh, brackish, and coastal waters along the Atlantic coast of North America - from the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico to North Carolina.

The Sailfin Molly has an elongated and slightly compressed body form. The head is small and flattened at the top. The fish has a large, rounded, caudal fin. The body color is usually greenish gray. Some black-colored variants, including "Dalmatian" are also seen.

0-6 inches

in captivity, the Sailfin Molly is a peaceful fish and is usually kept as a breeding pair in a tank. They may be kept in groups but have a tendency to be slightly aggressive towards other members of the same species. They are good additions to a community aquarium due to their peaceful nature.

This fish requires a tank with a minimum capacity of 30 gallons. To mimic its natural environment, plenty of floating plants are provided that maintain the dim lighting conditions required. A heavily planted tank is not recommended because it minimizes the available swimming area as well as prevents the dorsal fin of the male from growing to its full potential. A few rocks in the tank serve as hiding places.

65.00-86.00 °F


28.500-142.800 mg/L


beautiful fish, color variations, personalities, courtship dance, elegant livebearers


attitude sailfin mollies, male fights, harass


malefemale ratio, dorsal fin varieties, true freshwater, breeding net

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