Rubber Lipped Pleco

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Other common names: Rubber Lipped Plecostomus; Rubbernose Pleco; Rubbernosed Pleco; Bulldog Pleco; Bulldog Plecostomus; Rubbernose Plecostomus; L187b; Rubberlipped Pleco; Spotted Bulldog Pleco

Scientific name: Chaetostoma milesi

The basics:
The Rubber Lipped Pleco is a small bottom feeder which is native to mountain streams in Columbia, South America. It is a peaceful fish and feeds on algae and detritus. In aquariums it prefers a tank with lots of wood and rocks, where it can hide. It will prefer to hide under rocks and décor until nighttime when it forages for food. It feeds on algae, vegetables (cucumber, spinach, lettuce, peas), and even live and frozen foods.

The Rubber Lipped Pleco is so named because of the thick lips around a wide sucker-type mouth. The common body color of the Rubber Lipped Pleco is gray, changing shades from dark gray to pale gray. Small dark spots appear on the plated skin, sometimes forming bands across the body.Rather difficult to tell apart from other Chaetostomas, the Rubber Lipped Pleco (also referred to as L187b) is distinguished by the spines behind the gill cover and the lack of plates on the abdomen and edge of the snout.

0-5 inches

Like other Plecos, the Rubber Lipped Pleco is shy and peaceful.

Rubber Lipped Plecos are best kept in community aquariums of at least 15 gallons. Simulating their natural habitat of flowing highly oxygenated water (stream-like current and frequent water changes) and adequate décor of rocks, caves, and bogwood is recommended.

72.00-79.00 °F


50.000-100.000 mg/L


smaller aquariums, nice looking fish, excellent algae eaters, attractive variety




night cleaners, slime coat, wide sucker mouths, fake driftwood decor

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