Rosy Barb

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Other common names: Red Barb

Scientific name: Puntius conchonius

The basics:
The Rosy Barb is a found throughout subtropical Asia, including northern India, Pakistan, Nepal and Afghanistan. It is an active and hardy schooling fish which prefers cooler water (18 – 22°C / 64 – 72°F). In the wild it feeds on insects, larvae and small invertebrates, as well as on algae and plant material. The Rosy Barb is a popular freshwater aquarium fish, and does well in a community tank if kept in groups of 5 or more Rosy Barb. It is a lively, schooling species that may disturb quieter species in a community tank.

Rosy Barbs have gold coloration on their laterally compressed bodies. A black spot is visible near the caudal penuncle. The anal and dorsal fins are colored black near their edges. Shiny scales cover most of the Rosy’s body which gives a silver shimmering appearance to this small but attractive fish.

5-6 inches


Tanks measuring a minimum of 24 inches with a 30 gallons capacity sustains the Rosy fish in comfortable conditions. Water conditions are kept soft and slightly acidic. The tank surface is usually well-planted; plenty of rocks and driftwood are allowed. The middle layer is kept empty for swimming. Two females are kept with one male in community tanks. A gravel substrate is also ideal as they love to dig in it.

64.00-72.00 °F


28.500-71.400 mg/L

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